Cannabis Extract Maker
  • THC Extraction System

    Step #1 Soak Your Cannabis

    Soak your marijuana in Pentane. It is best to store in a sealed container and placed in a cool place. Let your marijuana soak for an appropriate amount of time depending on desired final product. Find Out More
  • Cannabis Extract

    Step #2 Process the strained solution in our system.

    The proccessing operation is simple. First put your strained Pentane/cannabis solution in heated water. Next place the collection jar in the cold water container. Pentane will boil away and then collect in the cold water jar for reuse. Watch Video
  • Hash Oil

    Step #3 Allow Marijuana Extract To Purge Remaining Pentane

    After most of the Pentane has been removed pour extract into petrie dish and allow the remaining Pentane to evaporate from you THC concentrate. Read Our FAQ
  • Step #4 Relax and Enjoy

    Sit back with your favorite smokeing or vaping tool and enjoy your creation. Extract can be converted into other smokeable forms. Buy Now Just $199.95


ON SALE $199.95

Make Cannabis Extracts At Home

The OilXGreen thc extraction system is made to work safely and easily. Compared with other available systems the OilXGreen extraction method is both easy and affordable.

  • You can reuse up to 95% of your pentane makeing your operating cost at a minimum.
  • Extract up to 100% of the THC in your cannabis.
  • Low cost to buy and operate.
  • Make hash oil, crumbles and waxes at home. Great for people who use vaporizers.
  • No learning curve at all. Some of the other system manufacturers need to provide PAID Training in order to operate their THC extraction system.
  • Our system is made of components manufactured in the USA except for the German made tubing. We assemble the final product in our home shop in San Francisco, CA.
  • Made In America

Easily Extract THC to create Hash Oil, Cartridge Oil, Waxes and Crumbles From Your Cannabis




The best method to make hash oil, marijuana extract and cannabis concentrates at home!

  • Environmentaly Green

    By reuseing your Pentane you minimize your impact on the environment.
  • Inexpensve to purchase

    Our extraction system costs under $300.00 (plus Pentane). Our system is the lowest priced extraction method on the market.
  • Inexpensive to Use

    Your initial envestment in Pentane may seem expensive to start out but this is small compared with the savings over other methods.